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Scholarship Opportunities


What: Plumbers and Pipefitters Apprenticeship Program

Who: 18 year olds who have a high school diploma or GED.

How: An application may be found on:



What: Western Oklahoma Electrical Apprenticeship

Who: Applicants must have a high school diploma or GED, a valid driver’s license, and have a passing grade on Algebra I.

How: Call (405)672-7600 or email


What: Time Clock Go Scholarship, $2500

Who: Time Clock Go hopes to help students further their education by providing a scholarship for those who are passionate about effective communication practices. The scholarship is open to all students attending college in Spring 2020.

How: To apply, students must provide proof of their college enrollment and a 750-word essay discussing a life experience that has led to personal development. Visit the website at:

When: November 30, 2019



What: Kingsley & Kingsley Winter Scholarship - $1000

Who: Students who are interested in a career in the legal field.

How: Eligible students can apply by submitting a 1,000-word essay that answers the following question:

When:  November 30, 2019



What: UCO Counselor’s Day Scholarship

Who: Velma-Alma student who has been admitted to UCO by Feb. 3rd.

How: Write in your own handwritting why you are going to UCO. Typed responses will not be considered.

When: February 21st.


What: Hagar Scholarship Foundation, up to $6000 per semester

Who: Students must have a 3.75 GPA, 24 on the ACT and must have an EFC less than $6500 on the FAFSA.


When: November 15th



What: Oklahoma City Community Foundation Scholarships has numerous scholarships available.

Who: Oklahoma seniors

How: Create an account at  and students need to have completed their FAFSA. For a list of scholarships, see Mrs. Justus.

When: Scholarships open on Oct. 1st




What: Keep Oklahoma Beautiful Video Contest

Who: High school students

How: Make a 25-45 second long video that conveys that littering is costly.

When: Register by Nov. 15th and submit the video by Dec. 3rd




What: Chancellor Hans Brisch Scholarship

Who: Students who have outstanding leadership skills and have numerous volunteer hours. Community service is 2/3 of the nominee’s score. The high school can only submit one applicant.

How: See Mrs. Justus for the application.

When: Deadline is December 6, 2019


What: Horatio Alger Scholarship, ranging from $10,000 to 25,000

Who: Students who have a 2.0 and demonstrate financial need (parent income is $55,000 or less)

How: Apply at

When: October 25


What: Prudential Spirit of Community Award

Who: Students in grades 5-12 who have engaged in a volunteer activity at least in part after Sept 1, 2018.

How: Students much complete an application and submit it to a school official to be validated. Apply online at

When: November 5, 2019



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