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Educational Websites

Preschool Parents…

Check out these top picks to develop the curious ‘mini-minds’ in your house:

  • Curious World
  • PBS Kids.
  • National Geographic Kids.
  • Funbrain.
  • FarFaria. (Reading)
Reading Intervention

The Best Interactive Websites for Education and Online Learning for K-8

  • Starfall. Pre-K–2nd Grade. ...
  • PBS Parents: Online Games. K–3rd Grade. ...
  • ABCya. K–5th Grade. ...
  • Game Classroom. K–6th Grade. ...
  • Funbrain® K–8th Grade. ...
  • Light Up Your Brain. K–8th Grade. ...
  • Prongo. K–8th Grade. ...
  • Fact Monster™ K–8th Grade.


smileysmiley Our Goal is for each student to READ for 20 minutes each day!!! smileysmiley

This 20 minutes of reading a day is proven to increase your students success in school!!

Get a book and READ, READ, READ!!!!

Patti Hunt

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